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Apple creates new features for their iPhones and iPads every year. They are constantly pushing the limits of what you can do in the palm of your hand. The release of iOS 16 in particular promises all-new personalization options, deeper intelligence, and an improved way to communicate and share data. iPhones and iPads are therefore essential tools that we use every day, and it's no surprise that many of us think of ourselves as Apple connoisseurs.

Be that as it may, your Apple devices might still have a few tricks up their sleeves. In fact, we're willing to bet that there are a bunch of additional features you had no idea existed. As such, have scoured the internet (and our iPhones and iPads of course) to bring you a list of the best apps and settings that may improve your everyday mobile experience.

Back Tap is a hidden gem that allows Apple users to run shortcuts by simply double-tapping or triple-tapping the back of their iPhone. The possibilities are endless, but to name a few, you can turn the torch on, mute your sound, or activate the camera.

The double-tap and triple-tap functions can also be assigned to one or both of these options. If you'd like to use only one shortcut, then that's perfectly fine. However, you can multi-function your taps so they perform different shortcuts altogether. A favorite of ours is setting double-tap to scroll down, and triple-tap to scroll up. It makes browsing so much easier!

To confirm Back Tap is working, test it out and see if your iPhone responds. In some circumstances, your iPhone's protective case may prevent this feature from working correctly.

We've all been in that situation where we give our iPhone to a friend and hope they don't swipe too far. If you're like most of us, who want to keep our embarrassing selfies a secret, the new iOS 16 improves upon the hidden photo feature.

In the past, your hidden folder could be accessed if your iPhone was unlocked. Third-party apps could also potentially show your hidden photos if they had an image picker. But now, Apple has made vast improvements with iOS 16, as users can now lock their pictures and videos with Face ID.

Night Shift is a setting that automatically adjusts the colors of your display to a warmer color, providing a more comfortable experience for your eyes, and potentially improving your sleeping pattern.

Night Shift uses your iPad and iPhones clock to determine when it is sunrise and sunset. The display becomes more yellow in the evening and returns to normal in the morning. What's more, you can also set custom times for Night Shift, or have it on throughout the day.

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